Esports Insights: Full-Time Esports Bettor Cappeh – SickOdds

This week in our esports insights series we speak to professional full-time esports bettor Cappeh (@Cappeh); getting an insight into how he got started and what he looks for in a solid betting market.

Could you introduce yourself?

I’m a 22 year old former semi-professional Call of Duty player from Stockholm, Sweden. So I have only ever had 2 jobs, one of them was being a semi-professional esports player and the other a professional esports bettor. Had some minor success as a player such as playing at CoD XP 2016 under the brand “PuLse” and even though we failed to get out of our group every team received $15.000 which is where I got my starting capital for my betting career.

How did you get into esports betting?

After CoD XP 2016 I started to wonder what was next for me and I already had some friends that were into betting, mainly football and icehockey but they were just like your average losing bettor. They first got me into betting then I reached out to a former teammate of mine, Martin who I knew followed the most active esports game for betting, CSGO. He gladly helped me out and started to teach me the game and how to think when betting on esports. So for the first advice for any complete new bettors that wants to bet without using any models, play

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