Washington Sports and Esports Betting Bill Passed by Senate – EsportsBets

Washington State has become the latest of the 50 states of the United States to pass legislation that could eventually allow on-premises and in-person mobile sports and esports betting at any of the 29 tribal casino establishments that are already legal within the state.

At present, people can visit these 29 casinos and play a standard selection of casino games. This new legislation would extend the options available to casino providers and customers by allowing them to bet on sports and esports, either in a booth or via a mobile device, while they are on the premises of the casino.

Customers would be allowed to place bets on collegiate and professional sports events both in and outside of the United States, as well as being able to bet on a number of esports tournaments hosted around the globe.

Senate Ways and Means Committee

After House Bill 2638 was passed in Washington last week by the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee, having already passed through a vote of the Washington House of Representatives, it now goes on to the final stage of being voted through the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

If the bill then passes through this final stage, it will become law and the Washington State Gambling Commission will then become responsible for overseeing the awarding of licenses to casino operators to allow this additional form of wagering on the premises.

It is also important to note that this Bill isn’t as all-encompassing as bills from other states, such as New