On Verge Of Public Listing, Luckbox Eyes eSports Challenges, Opportunities In North America – PlayUSA

As the US embarks on a third year in the post-Murphy v. NCAA world, the state of legal wagering on sporting events in North America presents some challenges along with opportunities for countries outside the continent. Luckbox is one such company.

Luckbox is an eSports-centric online wagering platform is based on the Isle of Mann. Expanding operations in Canada and the United States could be among its next moves but it sees parts of the regulated industry in both counties as obstacles.

Luckbox perceives regulatory hurdles north of the border

Currently, Luckbox accepts wagers in Canada but not the US. Luckbox CEO Quentin Martin explained that Canada’s regulatory structure allows international companies to take wagers under certain licenses.

While such registration allows Luckbox to post betting markets legally in Canada, that license bars Luckbox from advertising its products. Martin counts that among changes he would like to see.

“Whenever a country moves toward better regulation, I find it’s always better for the industry,” Martin said. “If they go too far on that, however, they push people to the dodgier license bases like Curacao. I think it will benefit eSports because it will legitimize our industry. Esports enterprises in Canada could have gambling sponsors. We would gain access to more customers as a result. It’s a mutually beneficial setup.”

There has been recent momentum toward a shift in Canada. A bill in Parliament would have legalized single-event wagering. That could have opened the door for Luckbox to acquire a domestic