Becky’s Affiliated: How to engage millennials with betting on esports –

Learning how to harness betting on esports has been an enormous topic within the gambling industry in 2020, especially when we suffered from a lack of traditional sports due to COVID-19. 

Becky’s-Affiliated-How-to-engage-millennials-with-betting-on-esportsMarek Suchar, Head of Sales for, a B2B esports odds feed and risk management provider, is certain the key to betting on esports is engagement. 

Coming from a financial industry background, Suchar has been following esports for a decade and because one of the fastest ways to monetize esports is betting, he jumped on the opportunity to join Oddin and change the industry for the better.

“We are fully focused on engagement”, Suchar said. 

“There are two key factors I would say are important within esports and in terms of engagement. One is that if you want to present your opinion as a bettor, you should be allowed to bet”, he said.

Suchar went on to explain that at present, during the course of an esports game, there are times when the markets are suspended or only a few lines are offered. As a result, an esports bettor may head to better platforms where they can present their opinion in terms of a bet at any time.

“This has implications on the volume and eventually on the profits of the bookmaker. So what you, as the bookmaker, want to actually allow your bettors to have as many live opportunities available