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State Council Hearing and a Row of Esports Gamers

Esports betting has definitely obtained worldwide popularity. It’s now featured at most online sportsbooks throughout the industry.

But esports gambling doesn’t seem to be drawing much love in the United States. As states rush to approve sports betting, they’re hesitant to adopt esports wagering as well.

Several factors seem to be holding politicians back from approving this form of betting. With that said, I’ll discuss five reasons why states have been slow to legalize esports gambling.

1 – Some of the Pros Are Younger Than 18

Esports is unique in that plenty of professional players are younger than 18 years old. In fact, certain esports pros are as young as 13.

Minors becoming professionals isn’t completely unheard of in the sports world. After all, notable athletes have turned pro well before their 18th birthday.

However, a larger percentage of professional video gamers are minors relative to other sports and competitions. This aspect creates an ethical debate among politicians who review esports betting.

The US is staunchly against people betting on high school sports. Neither the national government nor any states believe that athletes younger than 18 should be involved in betting either directly or indirectly.

View of Esports Players During a Match

It’s safe to say that