A Guide to Betting on League of Legends – The Game Haus

League of Legends is easily one of the biggest, if not the biggest esport in the world. There are not only millions of people playing the game but there are also many millions who watch the competitive scene. With the multitude of different leagues all around the world and their World Championships, this game is absolutely massive and becoming a part of everyday culture. Now people may be wondering, how can they get involved and make some money betting without knowing anything about the game? Well luckily here is a quick three-step guide to betting on League of Legends.

1. Look at it Similarly to Traditional Sports

Many individuals who bet, do so on sports like Baseball, Basketball or Football. This is because not only have they grown up with these teams but they understand records and streaks of certain teams. In many ways, League of Legends is the same way. Just look at betting on esports in the same way one would bet on sports.

Bettors may not want to do research into how each player plays when on a certain champion and whether that champion is relevant. There are many reasons for this but mainly it is because betting stops before champions are even picked. Instead, people should look at how the team is performing against certain teams or players. Just like in traditional sports, if a team has a great record against a certain team or against certain players, then that