US States with Legal Sports Betting—The Definitive Guide – The Game Haus

All states have the authority to legalize sports betting since 2018. Some jurisdictions, like New Jersey and Delaware, legalized the industry immediately the Supreme Court gave them this mandate. Others like Idaho and Utah have no plans to do it.

This guide breaks down sports betting legalization to show which states have legalized the sector. It also shows which states are in the process and which ones show no sign.

Already Legalized

Before we list states with legal sports betting, check the detailed breakdown on The guide delves into the sports you can wager, where you can play casino games and bonuses to expect.

  1. Nevada

Nevada is the first state that comes to mind when most people think of betting on sports. It has a betting market established decades ago. These days, it also lets sportsbooks like Caesars Entertain to offer betting markets online.

  1. Delaware

Nevada aside, Delaware is another state where sports betting is legal. DE authorized the industry immediately after the Supreme Court verdict in 2018. It permits a handful of online casinos to offer sportsbooks but more companies will be launched soon.

  1. New Jersey

New Jersey sponsored the bill that struck off PASPA Act. Naturally, it was eager to legalize sports betting as soon as it got a favorable ruling. Amazingly, the Garden State has had tremendous success since legalizing sports gambling.

Last year, sportsbooks in the state recorded $3.2 billion in bets, $800 million which came from mobile bettors. In light of this success, NJ