Benefits of esports betting in 2020 – Animation Xpress

During the COVID 19 pandemic, Esports took centre stage with most sports very much on the back burner, Esports was able to broadcast to a new audience and it looks to be very much part of the sporting landscape for years to come.

This boom in popularity has seen more people than ever turn to Esports as a viable and engaging option for sports betting and has propelled Esports into the minds of bookmakers and sportsbooks all over the world.

Variety is key to its appeal with games such as League of Legends, FIFA and Fortnite are battled out across the globe. Each game is very different in its composition; therefore, it appeals to a range of demographics and the money associated with Esports more than holds its own in comparison to some other sports.

Despite betting on Esports being a relatively new concept there are plenty of benefits to Esports Betting:

Esports Bookmaker Offers

As online bookmakers move with the times and look to accommodate for Esports within their market, they are introducing offers and promotions across a range of Esports bets.

Welcome offers are available to punters across a range of Esports markets and punters can access a range of promotions, including free bet tokens and cash balances that can be used to bet in-play and ante-post on Esports.

Shopping around for the best odds and promotions is always recommended for anyone when betting and the Esports