Exclusive: Danny Cortenraede’s Tips For Entrepreneurship, Growing Brands Like 433 – Benzinga

The pandemic devastated the global economy. That’s well-known. 

What’s not often discussed is the surge in new business formations.

Applications to start a business are nationally at their highest level in more than a decade, according to CNN. This comes at a time of cheap borrowing costs as well as digital disruption in technology, remote work and communication.

Benzinga chatted with serial entrepreneur and investor Danny Cortenraede this week about how he built the digital agencies Wannahaves and 433 into a 55-million-follower community, and his tips for succeeding in a new age of entrepreneurship.

About Danny Cortenraede

Raised in Amsterdam, Cortenraede began his career in the corporate world working in sales, strategy, and marketing at Vodafone Group Plc (OTC: VODPF), Sony Corporation (NYSE: SNE), Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) and T-Mobile Inc (NASDAQ: TMUS).

During his career, Cortenraede said he was repeatedly drawn to the idea of entrepreneurship. 

“My dad is an entrepreneur. My grandfather is an entrepreneur. I said: ‘OK, I really want to start a business.’”

In January 2015, Cortenraede founded Enterprise Media and produced content for Walt Disney Co (NYSE: DIS), ABN AMRO (OTC: AAVMY), ELLE Magazine and others. 

“Enterprise Media is a production company I started with my former business partner. He’s very creative, while I’m strategic,” Cortenraede said. “We did a lot for Disney Channel — so television programs in the Netherlands at that time — and we worked for big