What Are The Most Popular Esports Games Right Now – THE WEEK

Have you heard of the term “eSports”? Regardless if you are a gamer or not, you cannot avoid the ever-increasing popularity of these games and the way they are played competitively. Gone are the days when someone can tell you that you cannot gain anything from playing video games. Now, some people are considered professional players of a video game–and some of them are earning huge amounts of money not only as a player but also as a streamer for the game.

If you are a bettor, you probably know that more and more online sportsbooks are starting to offer the option to bet on eSports, and more others are following this trend. To know which ones are already on it, it would help for you to read reviews of 10CRIC, Dafabet,

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While you are on that, here are some of the most popular eSports games that you can follow–if not play–right now.

League Of Legends

League of Legends is developed by Riot Games and has been running for more than ten years now. The game managed to survive through constant updates, the regular rollout of new content, and many other gimmicks and events that always kept its players as well as its entire community alive and active.

The game, which falls under the genre of massive online battle arena games, takes two teams of a maximum of five players each, on a battlefield. Each player controls their