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Mastercard Sports Betting Banking Options

MasterCard sampleAll the best US sportsbooks that accept Mastercard typically offer four different categories of support for the platform: credit, debit, prepaid cards, and gift cards. Of these methods, we prefer gift cards, as these have the highest rate of success in cutting through the meddlesome red tape of the UIGEA law.

Still, all the Mastercard banking options supported are extremely secure, and they each work the vast majority of the time. When you engage in Mastercard gambling on your favorite players and teams, you can choose from the following card-based deposit options:

Mastercard Credit Cards

Most online sports bettors use typical Mastercard credit cards. While these options carry fees of between 3% and 7% at most books, they’re usually waived for first-time depositors.

Additionally, there are international transfer fees levied by your bank when going this route, so you should take those into account as well.

And, of course, due to the UIGEA law, about one in every 20 or so Mastercard deposits will be declined. Still, if that happens, you can try again in a few minutes, or you can use an alternative payment option, like a Bitcoin betting deposit.

Mastercard Debit Cards

All Mastercard gambling sites accept debit cards in addition to credit cards. When you use a Mastercard debit card to load up your online betting account, you may or may not have to pay the same fees as with the credit card option, and international surcharges also apply. Similarly,