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People outside of the gaming industry always ask the most common question: how someone gets to be a professional gamer? Compared to the clearly defined paths of other traditional industries, the strategies of becoming a professional gamer can look foggy and uneven. Back in the days, competitive gaming was just a basic hobby. Now, eSports appears to be a career path.

So, how does a person become a pro gamer? Winning all the time doesn’t make you a pro player. It’s about the struggle and failures you’ve experienced that define you as a qualified pro gamer. However, despite all the complexities around a pro gamer career path, the experience in eSports leads us to believe that for the vast majority of professional players, the goal to become an expert remains the same.

Talent for video games

This question has bugged a lot of people: “Do you really need talent to become a pro gamer?”. If you take a closer look at the pro gamers, you’ll notice the following:

  • Prediction
  • Awareness
  • Inhuman reactions
  • Ability to process so much information in a short time
  • Think and react under pressure

Now, you may think that this is unreachable. Indeed, one needs to be born with talent and a higher functioning brain to become a pro gamer. Although, almost everybody can learn the essential gaming tips and tricks if they’re dedicated and given the right training. The point is that everything must come naturally. If you take Messi as an example, he was born

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