Latest betting odds on CS:GO matchups from around the world – SickOdds

Different CS:GO series are now well under way for 2021 giving us ample opportunity to check out some of the matchups and see who is rightfully the favorites. In this instance, we are checking out a match from the United Pro Series as well as the Vulkan Fight Series to see what’s in store.

Unicorns of Love vs plan-B eSports

This match between Unicorns of Love and plan-B eSports takes place in the United Pro Series, and a quick check of the odds shows that Unicorns of Love is sitting around the +1.37 mark while plan-B is out at +2.94.

Checking out their recent form shows why Unicorns of Love have been installed as the favorites as they have won their last five matches compared to plan-B eSports who have lost their last five. With that form, it’s surprising that the odds aren’t more in favor of Unicorns of Love.

Also, looking at the bigger picture shows a win-rate of 50% compared to 27%, and that’s a big difference. What that means is that it would be a huge shock of plan-B eSports was able to pull off a win, and we expect Unicorns of Love to run away with this matchup.

Natus Vincere Junior vs Budapest5

Moving to the Vulkan Fight Series, and we have a match between Natus Vincere Junior and Budapest5, and while this game should be relatively close, the odds don’t appear to point that way. In fact, Natus Vincere Junior is sitting around the +1.29 while Budapest5 is out